Hover the mouse over the image and click on the area to learn more about the underlying functionality of the PlateViewer.

Screencapture of the Plate-Viewer
Tab navigation Channel settings Dimensions navigation Call workflows Dataset view Export your data

Tab navigation

Open different datasets in parallel e.g. lower vs higher resolutions views

Channel settings

- Select channel(s) to display

- Adjust brightness/contrast

- View as single-channel or intensity-projection

- Apply settings to all wells of the plate for rapid comparison

Dimensions navigation

Browse through the Z-volume, timepoints (Loop) and sub-positions acquired within a well, for the currently selected well or for the full plate.

Call workflows

Run external workflows (ImageJ macro, python scripts) for specifically selected images.

Dataset view

Get a glance at your last plate acquisition, and inspect individual images in details from the preview window.

Export your data

- Export single-plane or overlay images as tiff, png, jpg

- Export time-lapse series as video or gif