Below you will find detailed information about e-mails sent out by the HIVE to inform you.

  • Fan lost: If you have received this message, a fan has stopped working or the HIVE is not able to measure the rotation. This could result in an over temperature scenario and should be fixed soon. Please contact the ACQUIFER support.
  • UPS on battery: If you have received this message, the power is unstable or gone. If your HIVE is connected via the HIVE NET module, the battery will provide sufficient power for now. Please check the reason of the power failure as soon as possible. If the battery of the UPS is exhausted, your HIVE will shut down automatically. Depending on the workload of your HIVE this grace period will vary. Once the power problem is fixed, the HIVE will automatically switch into normal operation without a restart.
  • Disk lost: If you have received this message, your HIVE has a defective disk. Because disks are arranged in RAID 5 or RAID 6, no data is lost. Please replace the broken disk with a spare disk as soon as possible. After the replacement, the RAID will automatically rebuild. If you have no spare disk left, please contact the ACQUIFER support.

Please do not hesitate to contact the ACQUIFER support in any case to get more information or further instructions.