Information e-mails sent from your HIVE

Below you will find detailed information about e-mails sent out by the HIVE to inform you.

User related information:

  • User Expired: If you have received this message, your access to your data over the network is suspended. If you are member of one or more projects, you no longer have access to them. No data has been deleted. Please contact your administrator / facility manager if you need access to your data again. Your user account is suspended until your administrator or supervisor extends it. Note, that remote desktop access is also no longer available.
  • User will expire: If you have received this message, your account is limited by time and will expire soon. If you need extended access to the HIVE, please contact your project leader, administrator or facility manager. After reaching the expiration date, your account will be suspended and you no longer have access to the HIVE (see: “User Expired”).
  • User created: This e-mail confirms that your user has been created.
  • User removed: Your user has been deleted by an administrator, project leader or facility manager of the HIVE. Depending on the policy of the institute, your home directory may have been deleted or stored by your administrator.
  • User password changed: The password of your user has been changed. If this has happened without your knowledge, please inform your project leader.
  • User added to project: You have been successfully added to a project. Now you have access to a network share which is named like the project. If you also need remote access to the HIVE, your user credentials must be changed. Please contact your project leader.
  • User added to remote: You have access to the HIVE via RPD. To open the a remote desktop session, please click the “WINDOWS” button and type in “mstsc”. Press enter and enter the IP address or name of the HIVE.
  • User removed from remote: You have been removed from the remote desktop access. If you still need RDP access, please contact your project leader or administrator.
  • User removed from project: Your user has been removed from a project, so you will no longer have access to it.
  • Remote access activated: You are able to open an OpenVPN Connection to the HIVE. Please install OpenVPN for windows or Linux (Tunnelblick for Mac OS) and import the Key you have received from your admin. After starting OpenVPN/Tunnelblick at your client, choose the connection to HIVE. You will get an new IP adress starting with 172. You will reach the Hive with the same IP adress as you have, but the last number is 006. E.g if your new IP address is, you will find your Hive at IP
  • Remote access deactivated: Your OpenVPN certificate is disabled. If you need a new one, please contact your administrator.

Project related information:

  • Project will start: A new project has been generated but is not accessible at the moment. You will be informed when the project is released.
  • Project created: You are a member of a new project. The project is created and you can reach it’s data over the network.
  • Project will expire: This project is limited by time. Project will be suspended or will be read only after the given time.
  • Project is archived: Project is offline. The data has not been deleted. Deletion of data is depending on the policy of your facility.
  • Project responsible changed: The person who was responsible for managing the project on the HIVE has changed to another person.

System related information:

  • Network problem detected: Your HIVE has lost a network connection. Please ckeck for the reason. If you have multiple connections, the HIVE can still be reached over network. You will also get informed when a connection is established.
  • A new disk has been inserted into the HIVE CORE or it´s attached HIVE DATA module(s). After checking the parameters of the disks, the HIVE will automatically start to use the new disk.
  • Rebuild done: A disk has been integrated in a RAID volume successfully. Your data is now protected. You get this information after you have replaced a broken disk and the rebuild was done sucessfully.