Warning e-mails send out from your HIVE

Below you will find detailed information about e-mails sent out by the HIVE to inform you.

  • Disk inserted: A new disk has been inserted into the HIVE CORE or it´s attached HIVE DATA module(s). After checking the parameters of the disks, the HIVE will automatically start to use the new disk.
  • High temperature on disk:The HIVE has measured a high temperature on at least one disk. This is not critical at the moment, but could be a problem if temperature further increases. Please check the cooling.
  • Low disk space detected: You have only 4% free space left on one of your volumes. 4% could be still enough, but remember, that scientific software could need more space for paging information on this volume. This Information will be send out once in 24 hours until sufficient space is available again.