European Zebrafish Meeting

Start date: 9. July 2023
End date: 13. July 2023
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Kraków, Poland

As the largest European professional meeting for teleost model users, the meeting will cover a large range of topics on zebrafish and other teleost species, from aquaculture to tissue dynamics, from the study of early organogenesis to the application of fish in chemical biology.

The Conference program will include keynote and plenary talks, short oral presentations, poster sessions and workshops covering a wide range of topics.

Please join us for the our workshop on #HighThroughput and #LightSheet #Imaging for live #zebrafish at #EZM2023 in Krakow. We will showcase the @myacquifer IM and the @luxendo MuVi SPIM. More info and registration at:

ACQUIFER workshops at ELMI 2023

ACQUIFER workshops at ELMI 2023

Start date: 6. June 2023
End date: 9. June 2023
All-day event
Location: Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands

Our microscopy and image-analysis experts will bring a HIVE and Imaging Machine for a number of workshops at ELMI2023 !

Registrations for ELMI2023 are still open here ...

Imaging Machine workshop - Workflows for Automated Imaging, Photomanipulation and High Content Screening 

7th June and 8th June

The ACQUIFER IM (Imaging Machine) is a versatile automated widefield fluorescence microscope for high-content imaging of 2D/3D cell-cultures and small model-organisms. The system features a unique moving optical unit in combination with a static sample holder, rendering it ideal for the imaging of non-adherent and motion-sensitive specimen. For optimal in-vivo time-lapse imaging, the sample chamber is equipped with a highly precise temperature control. Besides its innovative functionalities and ease of use, the ACQUIFER IM was designed to support long operating times and extensive experiments, while having lowest maintenance requirements.  .... 

Versatile Scripting with the Imaging Machine workshop

7th June

In this workshop, we will discuss the internal scripting modality of the IM, and the targeted imaging enabled by the ACQUIFER Plate-Viewer for pre-screen/re-screen applications. Moreover, we will demonstrate the control of the IM from external applications such as Fiji or Python. We will also show how the open-interface can be coupled with custom ACQUIFER Fiji plugins, to streamline data-visualization and analysis of large image-datasets....

HIVE workshop

7th June and 9th June

In this workshop, we will introduce the concepts of HIVE workflows, and we will present new solutions to expand existing HIVE installations to serve a higher user base and larger projects. Multi-GPU and Multi-HIVE solutions are outlined. Besides scaling in processing, concepts about data safety with large storage pools are discussed.

As part of the workshop, we offer RDP access on the centralized multi user system HIVE for testing. We encourage participants to bring their own laptops.

Partial Workshop on Image Data Handling HIVE workshop

9th June

In this workshop, we will present the workflow of image data handling with LUXENDO light sheet and ACQUIFER HIVE. The HIVE provides a scalable, flexible, and extensible framework for handling light sheet data, allowing researchers to manage and process their data efficiently and effectively. It is designed as a modular platform that is configured for your specific applications and will grow with your needs.