ACQUIFER workshops at ELMI 2022

ACQUIFER workshops at ELMI 2022

Start date: 7. June 2022
End date: 10. June 2022
All-day event
Location: Turku, Finland

Our microscopy and image-analysis experts will bring a HIVE and Imaging Machine for a number of workshops at ELMI2022 !

Registrations for ELMI2022 are still open here until May 16th…

Imaging Machine workshop

8th June (2 sessions) and 9th June

Phenotypic screening of complex cellular or whole organism model systems is increasingly employed in biomedical and pharmaceutical research. To fully exploit their potential, novel imaging workflows and tailored tools compatible with the automated imaging and spatiotemporal scoring of cell- and tissue-specific phenotypes are needed.

The ACQUIFER Imaging Machine (IM) is a versatile and flexible automated wide-field fluorescence microscope for high-content imaging of 2D/3D cell-cultures, fixed tissues sections and small model-organisms. The system features a unique moving optical unit in combination with a static sample holder, rendering it ideal for non-adherent and motion-sensitive specimen. For optimal time-lapse in-vivo imaging, the sample chamber is equipped with a Peltier device for highly precise temperature control.

In this workshop, we will demonstrate the unique hardware design and exemplify automated imaging applications. We will illustrate our workflow concept for automated imaging, feedback microscopy and High Content Screening using the ACQUIFER Imaging Machine and associated software tools. Furthermore, we will discuss the optional laser-module, ideal for scaling-up of challenging photomanipulation experiments, such as photodamaging or fluorophore conversion.

HIVE workshop

8th June (2 sessions) and 9th June

Modern microscopy techniques acquire an ever-increasing amount of multidimensional image data. 3D microscopy techniques, such as light-sheet microscopy, easily generate multiple terabytes of raw image data in a single experiment. Adapted hardware solutions are thus required for storage and visualization of these large datasets.

The ACQUIFER HIVE is the ideal centralized workstation for microscopy labs, combining secured and extensive data-storage, with powerful computational power. The HIVE allows fast access to acquired data for swift processing and flexible analysis workflows. It is designed as a modular system, configured for your specific applications and expendable as needed.

In this workshop, we will introduce the concepts of HIVE workflows and present new solutions to expand existing HIVE installations, for higher user base and larger projects. Multi-GPU and Multi-HIVE solutions will also be covered. Besides scaling in processing, concepts about data safety with large storage pools will be discussed.

As part of the workshop, we will offer remote-desktop access on the centralized multi-user system HIVE for testing. We encourage participants to bring their own laptops.