• my.acquifer private cloud services
  • Remote access your HIVE modules
  • Manage user & projects on HIVE modules
  • Visualize your data directly on HIVE modules
  • Monitor hardware, software, usage, load.. (coming soon)

Remote Desktop Login


  • Remote access your HIVE from anywhere
  • Remote control Image acquisition
  • Remote control Image processing and workflows
  • Visualize data directly on HIVEs
  • File transfer to HIVE modules via copy & paste



  • Manage data projects
  • Manage users and collaborators
  • Share data with your team and other labs
  • Up/Download data from anywhere via browser
  • project wiki for quick messaging

ACQUIFER Global upload


  • Share single large files (~1-200 MByte)
  • Share data via email and secret link
  • No account required
  • works with any browser

ACQUIFER Dashboard


  • Monitor hardware and software on your Hive modules
  • Create users and projects
  • Collaboration management tool
  • Easy of use administration

Your HIVE-Support

Phone: +49 (6221) 435 2034 E-Mail: