Plate-Viewer for image-visualization

Plate-Viewer for image-visualization

The ACQUIFER Plate-Viewer is our visualization software for datasets acquired with the Imaging Machine.
It provides an intuitive overview of screening dataset, the possibility to inspect individual images as well as functionalities to adjust channels-display, save data visualizations or time-lapse movies.
Besides, the plugin mechanism of the Plate-Viewer enables automated workflows and feedback-microscopy functionalities such as the selection of region of interest to be subsequently imaged on the Imaging Machine.


Hover the mouse over the image and click on the area to learn more about the underlying functionality of the PlateViewer.

Screencapture of the Plate-Viewer
Tab navigation Channel settings Dimensions navigation Call workflows Dataset view Export your data

Tab navigation

Open different datasets in parallel e.g. lower vs higher resolutions views

Channel settings

- Select channel(s) to display

- Adjust brightness/contrast

- View as single-channel or intensity-projection

- Apply settings to all wells of the plate for rapid comparison

Dimensions navigation

Browse through the Z-volume, timepoints (Loop) and sub-positions acquired within a well, for the currently selected well or for the full plate.

Call workflows

Run external workflows (ImageJ macro, python scripts) for specifically selected images.

Dataset view

Get a glance at your last plate acquisition, and inspect individual images in details from the preview window.

Export your data

- Export single-plane or overlay images as tiff, png, jpg

- Export time-lapse series as video or gif

Conversion and export of images

Export and conversion of image data
  • Export of single z-planes or z-projections.
  • Export of z-stacks or time-series.
  • Batch export.
  • Various file formats (tif, jpeg, png, bmp, mp4).

Feedback Microscopy

Annotation of regions of interest in images
  • Select ROIs for feedback microscopy (i.e. pre-scan/re-scan).
  • Manual Click-Tool functionality.
  • Automated object-detection algorithms.
  • Modify ACQUIFER Imaging Machine scripts for smart imaging applications.

Plugin Interface

Image of segmented cells in the Plate-Viewer
  • Plugin interface to process data with external software.
  • Request custom plugin development from ACQUIFER.
  • Advanced users can generate own plugins.
  • Compatible with various software packages (e.g. Fiji/ImageJ).