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Plateviewer Release 1.0.3

We have released PlateViewer 1.03. This is a minor bug fix release. PlateViewer is an ACQUIFER tool that allows you to get an overview of the whole plate and specify ROIs for high resolution imaging. For details please download our application note.

ACQUIFER goes East

We are happy to announce that we have extended distribution into the APAC region. Together with our partner SANE, we will be able to serve customers in Australia, China, India, South Korea, and Taiwan.

ACQUIFER is now part of DITABIS AG

Starting this year, we are now part of the DITABIS AG. Together with DITABIS we now have a strong partner well established in the field of development, manufacturing and certification of medical OEM devices.

ACQUIFER goes cloud

In any collaborative scientific project team members share data and files such as papers, presentations or tables. Usually, people use email, messengers or shared folders within cloud storage solutions to distribute project relevant information. However, in data intensive areas such as high content screening or sequencing, these solutions are not suitable for sharing of large datasets. In these cases, researchers usually rely on other storage solutions such as ftp servers or centralized databases, which require local experts for installation and … read more