ACQUIFER goes cloud

In any collaborative scientific project team members share data and files such as papers, presentations or tables. Usually, people use email, messengers or shared folders within cloud storage solutions to distribute project relevant information. However, in data intensive areas such as high content screening or sequencing, these solutions are not suitable for sharing of large datasets. In these cases, researchers usually rely on other storage solutions such as ftp servers or centralized databases, which require local experts for installation and maintenance.

To provide a solution for efficient data access, we developed the portal which is a project and user based platform for the collaborative sharing of any file and even entire large datasets. The portal works with any browser on any device (PC, MAC, Linux, tablets, smart phones). The platform is easy-to-use and does not require any configuration from the user. The menu structure is very intuitive and does not require studying manuals or learning to handle databases. In combination with the HIVEs it provides a private cloud solution, as all project data located on the hard drive is automatically linked and can be accessed via the portal. Importantly, only invited team members can access the data, so it is fully transparent where the data is located and who can see the project data.