An easy-to-use tool for visualizing high content screening data and supervised feedback microscopy

The ACQUIFER Plate-Viewer software is an easy-to-use gateway to large-scale image datasets acquired with the ACQUIFER Imaging Machine. It provides an intuitive overview of screening data in combination with functionalities to enhance image features, save data visualizations or time-lapse movies as well as supervised feedback microscopy functionalities, i.e. the selection of region of interest to be subsequently centred on the ACQUIFER Imaging Machine.

Key Features

  • Intuitive visualization of multidimensional screening datasets.
  • Easy browsing of well coordinates, z-slices, timepoints and subpositions.
  • Display of single slices or z-projections (min and max projection).
  • Look-Up tables and histogram adjustments.
  • Data export of single images, z-projections, z-stacks or time-series in various standard file formats (tif, jpg, png, bmp, mp4).
  • Select regions of interest for feedback microscopy using the built-in click-tool or automated object detection.
  • Modify ACQUIFER Imaging Machine scripts to conduct pre-scan / re-scan experiments, e.g. zoom-in on regions of interest.
  • For advanced users: generate plugins to process images with various software packages (e.g. Fiji/ImageJ…).