Plate-Viewer Features

Plate-Viewer Features

Visualization & Browsing

  • Intuitive visualization of microplate-derived datasets.
  • Compatible with complex multidimensional datasets.
  • Easy browsing of well coordinates, channels, z-slices, timepoints and subpositions.
  • Tab mode for multiple experiments.

Channels, Look-Up Tables, Z-Projections

  • Selective Channel Display.
  • Channel-specific LUTs.
  • Z-Projections (Min, Max).
  • Histogram adjustments (across whole plate view).

Data Export

  • Export of single z-planes or z-projections.
  • Export of z-stacks or time-series.
  • Batch export.
  • Various file formats (tif, jpeg, png, bmp, mp4).

Feedback Microscopy

  • Select ROIs for feedback microscopy (i.e. pre-scan/re-scan).
  • Manual Click-Tool functionality.
  • Automated object-detection algorithms.
  • Modify ACQUIFER Imaging Machine scripts for smart imaging applications.

Plugin Interface

  • Plugin interface to process data with external software.
  • Request custom plugin development from ACQUIFER.
  • Advanced users can generate own plugins.
  • Compatible with various software packages (e.g. Fiji/ImageJ).