Our Platform Services

ACQUIFER provides entire screening platforms or individual components including: Assay consultancy, liquid handling robotics, automated High Content Microscopy (HCS), project management, data handling, image analysis workflows & visualization.
All from one partner. Easy to use for every lab. We developed a unique platform technology and integrated everything needed for successful zebrafish, drosophila, yeast or sensitive cell type based screening projects. Data transparency, open file formats, clear reproducible workflows and efficient setups were developed in our own screening facility. We developed it, because we needed it for our own biological questions. Therefore we prefer very pragmatic approaches optimized for daily routine work.

One-Stop portal for everything your data needs. Secure remote hardware access & workflow control. Project & user management. Data networking & collaboration. All from an intuitive web interface. No expert required. 1. Project / User management – Collaborate across teams & continents. Every project starts with a core set of images, protocols, presentations, examples of data extraction methods or other documents.

Project and user based data collaboration portal. Project managers monitor progress and invite team members.
Team members share, contribute and discuss data. Team members collaborate across labs, universities or continents. Works with any browser on any device (PC, MAC, Linux, tablets, smart phones). A clear menu structure welcomes everyone without reading manuals (web based). No server required. No IT expert required. Private, secure data storage in your lab/facility. Who sees what? What has been done? Everything documented. Project Wiki included

Acquifer Remote Desktop

Works from everywhere. Securely access all your machines via Works with any Remote Desktop application (available for OS X, mac OS, iOS, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012). Visualize your data directly on storage/processing modules (HIVE). One Click access without complicated configuration. No IT expert required. Works across firewalls and NATs.

Your HIVE-Support

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