Big Data

4 available modules:
    • CORE for Processing
    • NET for Communication
    • DATA for Storage
    • GPU for AI/DL
2 times more productive
1 scalable solution

What is HIVE?

Designed for the pragmatic, biology-focused scientist, the HIVE platform boosts productivity in microscopy facilities and screening labs.

HIVE is a High Speed Centralized Data Repository that removes the need to constantly move or duplicate data sets in processing and analysis workflows.

Its modular design integrates high speed processing, visualization, remote access, project management, flexibility, data security, scalability and ease of use in one unit.

It saves on time space, costs and administrator workload.

HIVE Module Configuration

The HIVE is a modular platform optimized for image processing and data handling. For each facility we combine the corresponding HIVE modules for optimal data processing efficiency. If you require more storage, processing power, dedicated network bandwidth or a custom solution, we can simply add more modules at any time.


High speed MICROSCOPE Example

  • Lightsheet microscope
  • Large format sCMOS
  • Laser scanning confocal, Spinning disk, Screening microscope
  • 3 HIVE modules recommended


Small core facility example

  • 1 to 2 rooms
  • up to 5 microscopes
  • up to 3 Image Analysis workstations
  • 3 HIVE modules recommended


Medium core facility EXAMPLE

  • 3 to 4 rooms
  • 5 to 10 microscopes
  • up to 5 Image Analysis Workstations
  • 5-7 HIVE modules recommended (depending on microscopes)


Large core facility EXAMPLE

  • 4 to n rooms
  • > 15 microscopes
  • > 5 Image Analysis Workstations
  • 6- n HIVE modules recommended (depending on microscopes)


HIVE with Backup

Backup of a HIVE can be done via dedicated Backup SW suites to

  • a distant installed HIVE or
  • to the local Central Data Repository.

Processing & Analysis

The HIVE´s operating System is Windows 2019 Server.

Highly stable to work with huge amount of data and flexible basis for almost all Win7/8/10 software applications. Our selected processors are the optimal basis for imaging software relying on high count rates rather than vast number of cores.

Best performance can be achieved with e.g. :

For packages requiring multicore processing or in need of specific high-end-GPU we recommend a HIVE Core with:

  • up to 1 TByte DDR4 RAM
  • 10 + 10 Core CPU/ 20 + 20 Threads
  • up to RTX 6000 with 24 GB GDDR6 RAM
  • up to 2 x 10 Gbit/s Copper Ethernet

Technical Details

The Hive Modules

A HIVE is a modular system based on three building blocks. Each one is an optimized unit for one of the three key data handling tasks in Imaging & Microscopy Applications: Computation – Networking – Storage.

HIVE CORE for Data Processing

  • High-Performance CPU & GPU for best image processing & analysis
  • VPN based remote desktop access
  • 2×10 Gbit/s copper or 2×10 Gbit/s optical fibre (optional)
  • Up to 1 TB DDR4 RAM
  • 10TB Data safe storage with RAID5
  • Starting from:
  • 2,2GHz 10-core CPU
  • 128 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000
  • Windows Server 2019
  • 10 TB SSD RAID5
  • 500 GB NVMe SSD for page file
  • 2×10 Gb Network

HIVE Net FOR Networking and Security

  • Integrated router and firewall to create a secure HIVE network for hosting the connected devices
  • 10Gbit/s 16-Port Network Switch with a 320GB/s backbone to ensure a reliable exchange of large data sets
  • UPS battery buffered power stability system to stabilize the power supply and to ensure a safe shutdown in case of power outage to prevent loss of data
  • Security and firewall provided by router
  • 320 Gb/s backbone
  • Gb router
  • Battery Backup for data safety
  • VPN Access

HIVE Data Data Repository

  • RAID6 secure data storage with fast access to large data
  • File system optimized for large data storage, reliable access to your data and maximum system stability
  • User friendly operation through standard Windows functionality with no need for specialized IT knowledge
  • Open Design allows for easy up-scaling of storage volume
  • RAID6 array in 52, 78, 104 or 130 TB
  • Connectivity via Host Bus Adapter @ 4x 12Gbit/sec
  • Plug-and-play expansion of storage
  • Data collection rates starting from 800 MB/s
  • Hotswap Disk Replacement

HIVE GPU Rendering / AI Unit

  • GPU extender box
  • no special driver needed
  • up to 3 HIVE GPU for a single HIVE CORE
  • HIVE Core synchronised power on / off
  • 1000 W power supply
  • PCIe x16 exteneder
  • Up to 8 single or 4 double sized GPUs
  • Up to 504 TFLOPS

HIVE connectivity

  • A HIVE creates a firewall protected DHCP network for the connected microscopes and other data sources.
  • In a standard configuration, the HIVE provides 13 local 10GBit/s connections and can be connected to the local IT environment.
  • An optional 2 x 10 Gbit uplink connection can be installed for high speed data traffic. This may be required to connect to local backup or permanent storage servers

HIVE comparison

HIVE Modules can be combined in many combinations for even very daunting IT tasks.

HIVE ModulesNAS storageWorkstationServerCluster
image processing (CPU + GPU)YESYES??
basic storage 10 / 20 TByteYESYESYESYESYES
storage expansion module 50 TByteYES????
storage expansion module 70 TByteYES??
storage expansion module 100 TByteYES??
easy storage expansionYES??
2×48 Gbit/s fast storage connectionYES
on data visualizationYESYES??
private cloud based remote secure accessYESYES?
private cloud project managementYESYES?
private cloud user managementYESYES?
large data set sync across WANYES
dedicated 10 Gbit/sec networkYESYES
modular configurationYES
hardware secure firewallYES?
self configuring networkYESYESYES
user friendly (for non IT experts)YESYESYES
designed for image processingYES
silent cooling – lab readyYESYES?
uninterruptible Power Supply for data safetyYES?YES
self healing filesystemYESYES?YESYES
fastest on storage processingYES
single software license required (Zeiss/Arivis etc)YESYESYES
active surge protectionYES

Your HIVE-Support

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